Friday, 13 January 2012

Resting on laurels Day

Today I’m enjoying the fruits of yesterdays labour.

There’s a cutting plan for all these gorgeous class samples fabrics in progress; I only need one or two pieces from each fabric so it won’t be a long one.

These fabrics will become the baby quilt for the new grandson (I’ll need to find some cuter blogging names now that I will be blessed with two).

Daughter and I picked out these a while ago,

and I have added a few more to the merry mix like the animal print and the owls.

Time to clear the table and start cutting; have a wonderful day even if you have no laurels on which to rest (it sounds very uncomfortable so good for you if you don’t).


  1. Lykke til med prosjektene dine og all skjæringen.
    God helg :-)

  2. I´m so impressed by your color sense. And the pile of fabric you have!!!!

  3. yummy batiks and critter prints....xox Corrine

  4. Such fun fabrics to work with. I take a resting day every once in a while.