Friday, 6 April 2012

Painted layers

I have been painting in the evenings, just playing with different kinds of paint to let out some of all the pent up creative energy. My techniques of choice are slab, swoosh, splash and smear; totally liberating and really enjoyable, but I have found it hard to get to sleep afterwards with all the unleashed energy rushing through my brain. Lesson learned: creative energy to be unleashed during daytime only – and when tired, paint with really bright colours. It will kick those little greys into a gear that you never knew existed.

I have used the acrylic paints (red, pink, yellow, blue and white) and finger paint (brown) that were right in front of me at the time; working a little on each background every night until they were done. That brown finger paint looks like melted chocolate and gives a wonderful texture. I have put myself on a no-shopping-diet, but I see more finger paint in my future.

A couple of them might actually be done as I am quite pleased with the colours and textures on this

and this

(different light, more accurate colours)

We’ll see. In case you wonder, I believe strongly that playing with any kind of colours and shapes feeds my inner artist and will help me grow as a quilter. Paint, beads, blocks, crayons, markers, fabrics – all good; I’ll notice what I like, what I love, what I don’t care for, and what I can do to make it work. All valuable lessons I’d say.

I’ll be taking a few days off to spend with my family. Grandson and I have big plans of tidying up his play area this morning. He does get sidetracked very easily while tidying; now doesn’t that sound familiar…

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Happy and bright colours, great to start the day with!
    Creative minds tend to wander! Enjoy your time with Grandson!

  2. Nice creative abandon here, I can see art quilt designs - why not paint right on raw canvas and stitch later, that would be a fab whole cloth quilt! xox

  3. You have done some fantastic pieces. I am drooling and then drooling some more. Very inspirational. You have used some of my favorite colors as well. Drool some more.

  4. NINA what art! This is such an exciting thing to see today! You are wonderful, thank you for sharing....great inspiration!