Monday, 2 April 2012


The weekend was over by the blink of an eye and all that is left is the fragrance from the flowers, the sound of laughter echoing in the walls and a fridge full of leftovers. No cake though, I finished that one last night after everyone left.

One husband, one daughter, two grandsons, two parents, two sisters, one niece and two in laws, all with the Moen humor you have come to know and love, a Mexican fiesta (ordered, not cooked), chocolate and carrot cakes, helping hands in the kitchen, wearing my wabi sabi apron and the delivery of100 copies of my book– perfect.

After 3 days of family time and keeping everyone fed and happy, I’m quite pleased to spend the day in a quiet house enjoying the beauty of the flowers, and in a few hours I will have the young ones here for a sleepover.

I had to clear away all my art supplies from the dining room table but I kept a box of coloured pens and my sketchbook for creative emergencies. I sketched through half the night and all the morning, revisiting a few of the previous themes of the Sketchbook challenge.

The hand is slowly getting better and I have quite a bit of catching up to do sewing wise, so hopefully I’ll get back into my studio during the holidays. With all the art supplies I crammed into there last week, it might take a while.

I will be posting a book giveaway later this week, so make sure to stop by…


  1. What a great family picture. If your "Moen humor" is like our "Moen humor" you were kept laughing most of the day. My Dad had such a great sense of humor....I miss the funny things he used to say that would crack me up sometimes days later just thinking about it. Glad your hand is getting better. I almost went crazy waiting to get back in my sewing room. Those 2 young grandsons are adorable.

  2. Such lovely flowers, and a wonderful family weekend.

  3. Love your family picture, and those flowers are beautiful! Good to hear your hand is getting better!

  4. Gorgeous flowers, so glad your celebration ordered not cooked and you were surrounded by those who love you so much. xox

  5. A belated Happy Birthday! wonderful family pictures.

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun... Congrats on your book!!!

  7. Great post. Love your beautiful flowers! Happy belated 50th birthday!!!!! I tried to leave a comment on your previous post, but I was in the airport and it wouldn't go through. So glad you enjoyed your big day!

  8. Happy Easter, Nina Lise!
    Love all the fun birds you have created, and look forward to be holding your new book in my hands...
    ; )