Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Inking about it

What if you take some twist

and ink

adding a few drops of ink to the twist

and working it in with your fingers.

You get gorgeous aqua/teal/turquoise/blue,

and (lacking a better word) silvery beige fibers to use in your work.

Costs close to nothing and you can mix whatever colour you want. Both twist and the ink are inexpensive and the colours can be heat set for colourfastness.

My samples looked great while wet, but unfortunately lost some of the brilliant colours while drying. Next time I’ll add more ink.

Tonight I’ll talk about the process of working with my book and do a show and tell of the projects.

I’d better get ready; I haven’t even opened the box since I got it back from the publisher’s but at least I know where it is. Uuuhm, did we move the box when we had company…


  1. For en kjempeidé!!! Show and tell fra denne flotte boken blir jo bare topp;) En skikkelig gledesspreder;)

  2. So far I have been resisting the urge to save and paint the threads that I get from my ripped up fabric! You just might have pushed me over the edge Nina.

  3. Oh yum yum, this is a great idea, color pop and texture for the next mixed media piece. xox

  4. Please explain: What is twist? I do not recognize it as anything familiar! And what is it used for? Thanks!

  5. Dette ser herlig ut - må nok finne litt tid til å leke meg snart :-) Ønsker deg en strålende 17 mai.