Monday, 25 June 2012

Another day another colour

This morning I have been quilting another sample/inspiration piece for the mixed media class.

I am having some issues with the thread tension again and have changed my needle (using size 90/14 which should be big enough), cleaned the bobbin area, adjusted the top thread tension and tried 5 different threads. No luck. In fact it got worse after removing the lint. Any ideas what I should do??


  1. I am not an expert, by any means, on needle sizes but when I had problems on my Cherish piece last year (because of the layers of painted fabric) I found a Jeans needle did the trick.

  2. No clue, but I love the rough nature of this piece. xox

  3. When I saw this on the reader I thought you were making cookies! Still it is very yummy!
    The only thing I can think of is your needle seated correctly. Mine has to have the groove right in the front. That might be something to check.

  4. And you did of course rethread your machine :o)

    I'd also try the Jeans needle.

    It is a beautiful piece. Hope it works out.

  5. What machine do you use? Quilting issues are such a pain ! Jeans needles are always a good idea, I think. Maybe just a little touch of oil in the bobbin area? Can you adjust the foot pressure? I can on my Janome, and it does make a difference!

  6. Dette så riktig spennende og flott ut.Får slike problemer innimellom jeg også, og noen ganger løser det seg med å tre hele greia om igjen samt slå av og på maskina. Håper du fikk det til.. ;o)