Monday, 23 July 2012

A week in July

July has been unusually busy yet quiet in the Mrs Moen household. Husband has been on a long business trip and the young ones on holiday, and they have all arrived home safely. I used the opportunity to spend quite a few days by myself – quilting, proof reading, putting together the concept for the Lag på lag class, and spending some time with friends. At one point I got rather restless, but the short trip to my parents helped a bit. The summer has been unusually wet and cold so I have to admit I wish we had taken our annual trip to the Canary Islands.

Here’s a little recap from last week:
Looking for interesting patterns helps killing waiting time while travelling

and so do fascinating artworks (Stavanger airport)

(Oslo airport)

(yes, it seems to be thread)

beautiful buildings (the art museum in Lillehammer called "the grand piano")

(and the old bank next door)

and gorgeous flowers.

Finally finding that perfect and totally extravagant orange purse

reading an old childhood book in bed

watching the sunset adding gorgeous colours to my delayed return flight

and totally priceless - sharing lots of laughs with loved ones.

I’ll be taking the week off to spend with my family. Have a wonderful week!


  1. Your parents and grandsons are adorable - all of you have infectious smiles!

  2. What a lovely post!! It´s so important to notice all the little beautiful things around us - in addition to the inspiration. Thank you for sharing and enjoy life with your family!!!

  3. Sounds like you will have a wonderful week.

  4. Have a great time with your family.

  5. Looks like you are a happy family :-).Enjoy.