Thursday, 9 August 2012

Artistic licence

Having thought about it all week, I decided to add a touch of red to the blue/green colour mix. If it was a quilt I would never hesitate adding some zing to make the colours pop, but with knitting - well, not so much. It might be because making a wrong turn takes a lot of work to fix like frogging and reknitting. There's no design wall or easy replacement of odd stripes, is there, but for now I quite like it.

Grandson and I are spending the day at home. Our resident stomach bug invited one of his cousins over so we're out sick. Again. It's quite funny.


  1. You can ALWAYS add RED! anything! ;)

  2. I like it, but then red is my favorite color! It makes the quilts pop. I think it's a good idea for kids clothing to pop. Helps to keep eyes on them.

  3. Love the zing!!!! xox