Monday, 20 August 2012

Summer of Murphy

This summer has been quite a ride. Lots of things have gone wrong, but overall, a good summer indeed. Be warned though, a little whining and lots of pictures coming up.

It all started with the toe woe which basically was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Trying to keep my left foot elevated, I spent a lot of time sitting with my left foot crossed over my right. Not a god idea. Not at all. Something in my knee popped during a visit to my physical therapist and there it was, a brand new knee injury and an inflammation to go with it. For the first few days it would not bend, it would not straighten out. Ouch.

After a week and a half of limping around with two half functional legs, I invited grandbaby for a sleepover. Two halves do not always add up to one whole; you can take my word for it. As I was moving his bouncy chair, I accidentally dropped it onto my foot. Heavy bottom plate, on edge, my bare foot, cut & bruises, husband in China, foot gigantic and sore, no shoes again, class samples to be quilted, lots of fun.

Then it was time for a new visit to the foot therapist to check up on the toe and she accidentally cut into my foot. At this point I finally caved in, paid a visit to the doctor’s office and got some anti inflammatory painkillers (insert huge sigh of relief here). You may laugh now.

Now onto the good part – spending time with family.

Husband, grandson and yours one-legged truly spent 5 wonderful days at the cabin. The weather was so and so, but it wasn’t too wet and it wasn’t too cold. Here are some highlights:

Our usually peaceful little river was foaming after lots of rain upon arrival.

Fun bandy games on the patio using 2 plastic kiddie sticks and a broom. We get quite competitive and I broke the ball on the first day. No problem; wool yarn and a screw to the rescue and the ball was stitched up and ready for the next match in no time.

Board games – hours and hours of board game fun with “The missing diamond” on the top of the list

and Mastermind on the second.

Walking in the stream with both feet and getting wet as the cold water ran into my rubber boots. Being happy getting the boots on in the first place.

Launching a new toy boat, watching my guys having fun.

My serenity flag still there; most of the water olours washed away by rain, but still bright and beautiful.

Enjoying a few hours of sun.

Husband and grandson extending the patio underneath the cabin, the space being more suitable for the 5 year old.

Balancing on a cattle grid.

Knitting an itchy scarf.

Enjoying both manmade colours and patterns

and nature’s.

And then, on the last night, I got sick. End of vacation.

Finally bug free, I have spent many hours in the company of my young ones.

Daughter will be back in university in January, so I’d better spend time with them now.

Grandbaby was 6 months on Friday; such a happy, smiling baby and lots of cuddles and fun.

Grandson and I finally got around to take the bus into town and had lunch at a café. Who knew a ride on the bus could be such an adventure.
Sometimes I cannot believe my luck being blessed with such bright souls with whom to share my life – the perfect remedy to get through a summer of Murphy.


  1. Ja, slik kan det gå.......
    En ulykke kommer sjelden alene, så det så.
    Men du var jo heldig likevel med hyttetur og familen rundt deg. Nyt resten av sommeren, den blir nok bedre nå når den er nesten slutt..... ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear of your summer of woes, but you take it with good cheer. Hope everything is soon all healed and your memories are only of the happy times. :)

  3. I remember more Murphy... Didn't your grandson get lost while at the cabin?
    You have to take better care of your are diabetic - so am I - and I'm barefooted right now, too.

  4. Always good to think of the positives with the negatives. Sounds like the troubles weren't as bad as the fun times were great. Glad you've had some great times with those adorable grandsons!

  5. Quite the raging foot stories and river too! I think you should stop, sit and not move for a bit....what are we to do with you? Grandbaby one and two are looking so much alike. Like the pouf face on your daughter and grandson. LOL xox

  6. I absolutely would not laugh at your misfortune. How awful for your poor feet and YOU!! I hope that the approaching autumn will be illness and injury-free so that you can enjoy it all without any pain. You always remain so positive; that is inspiring!! I love seeing gorgeous pictures of your grandsons - so adorable. Take care of yourself. xx

  7. So good to see that you still notice the good things in life too. You really had your share of health problems!
    Your board game with the missing diamond is my favourite from my childhood and we used to play Master Mind with our children.