Monday, 17 September 2012

Company of quilters

We’ve made it through half of daughter’s estimated recovery period and I kicked off the second half in company with a small group of lovely quilters. Working our way through the Quilta Figurer class, we spent two days together this weekend. The students were eager to learn which is key in such a labor intensive class, going through different techniques and patterns.

I did my first class ever in English as one of the students was Canadian, and it worked rather well I’d say, there were no stitching through fingers or other hiccups due to communication problems.

They made lots of great samples and all started their quilted shapes projects during class.

I am looking forward to see the finished projects; they all turn out so differently. At the end of the second day my fingers were itching to get stitching, so I’m looking forward to life getting back to normal. Right now my batteries are pretty much empty at the end of the day, but it’s ok, life is quite good after all. Today grandbaby was 7 months and got his first tooth and grandson did his first preschool homework. Important milestones indeed.

After weeks of taking care of young people I really did enjoy a couple of days in the company of grownups outside my family, and even better – quilters.

Thank you for a fun weekend and for being such great students ladies!


  1. The pillows are amazing, I can see a bright orange sofa filled with these at the back, can't you? Great class...Happy ladies. xox

  2. Every one looks so intent on their projects. Always fun to spend time with other quilters. Best times are spent with grandchildren!

  3. Love the quilting on those samplers. Had not seen the puzzle one before! I am always happy to spot fabric I own in someone's work, not sure why.

    Hope your daughter is healing well!

  4. Nina Lise, thank you for teaching us. It was a great class, and a wonderful opportunity to spend two day s with quilters. I had a lot of fun.

  5. Mye flott de har laget gjennom helga. Ser ut som du har hatt en flott helg og gitt masse inspirasjon :-)

  6. Spending time with other quilters gives a lot of inspiration. It looks that you had a great time.