Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Something blue

I have been feeling rather blue today. I guess my emotions are finally catching up with recent events. The only thing I want to do is to eat chocolate. Not exactly what the doctor ordered for a diabetic, but I caved into my cravings anyway. Honestly, it did not work. At all. Add guilt to the blues and there you go.

Thankfully I'm meeting up with my sewing group today. I started a scrappy quilt last month, but something was wrong. The solution popped up this morning - add something blue. Looking for the right blue, I came across some resently-ish purchased fabrics and threw them into the mix.

Now, who can be blue cutting into these beauties. Feeling better already. What will you be doing this Wednesday evening? Sewing with friends?


  1. I hope that pretty blue fabric and the company of your stitch group gets you out of your blues tonight! I'm going to baste and quilt a baby quilt commission today....sounds like I need to get busy with a sugar free chocolate shipment?

  2. Sending you cheerful thoughts and hugs.

  3. Hi Nina,
    Glad to hear you are feeling better, and you figured out the cure... fabric is non caloric, and I was going to say "not habit forming", but that's not true.

  4. You will snap right out of that funk when you get going with your gals stitching away. Nice blues, and cute green hearts. xox

  5. Understandable! Hope it gets better.

  6. Not strange at all. Hope your daughter is better and that tbe blue fabric gives you comfort!!