Sunday, 23 September 2012

Task of the day, September 23

Daughter's soft and wonderful alpaca sweater is finally finished. Soaking in the silence of an empty house, I spent a few relaxing hours on the couch assembling the parts. I don't know why I have been putting it off for so long, but I have started 2 sets of wool pants for the grandkids since the sweater parts were finished and finished grandson's jacket.

Now onto the real task of the day - preparing for Vestlandstreffet at Voss in a week and a half. I'll be teaching 2 different classes and still have a little work to do for one of them - making kits and a new sample. Being a family of 5 these days, I'd better make the off duty weekends count...


  1. Sweater looks so comfy. Our weather is feeling distinctly Fall-like - nothing better than Alpaca to keep you cozy. Another fun teaching class I see based on your bag of goodies! xox

  2. WOW - Sounds like you are a busy bee. Good to hear from you.