Friday, 5 October 2012

Room with a view

Oh, how I used to love that movie! The trip to Voss was quite enjoyable. I managed to meet up with my niece who lives in Bergen. I had not seen her since April, so it was to catch up even if it was just for an hour an a half in the train station cafe.

Now I'm resting a bit before I'll join the rest of the troops. There are some ladies from my guild here and I'm sure I'll meet quite a few new ones. In the meantime I'm enjoying the view. Awesome, huh?


  1. Lekker utsikt - nydelige høstfarger.
    Herlig mann du har med i forrige innlegg :-)
    Ønsker deg en kreativ og flott helg.

  2. Awesome - seems all the best views include water or mountains, and you have both!

  3. Great view! Always good to get to spend time....even a short time....with family. Love the little Man in the wood quilt.

  4. Enjoy your trip. Definitely a beautiful view!