Thursday, 22 November 2012


Creating the colour wheel using just solids was not quite as simple as expected. Sure, if I had the whole range of Kona cottons available at a local store it would be easy. Well, I don't, so I have made a few misses on the way, but I now believe I have it all covered. Except of light orange and light red-orange of which I only have pieces from my old Kona cotton stash, guess they are not in style.

Right now I'm drowning in solids. 0,5-1m cuts of all fabrics bought nationally and 2 yards of all Konas ordered online from the US. Quite a few of the cast-offs-for-now can be used when I run out of whatever tint or shade that made the cut after around 436 auditions in all kinds of lighting. Enough with the matchy matchy therory, now on to hands on play! Tomorrow I will crank up a much needed AccuQuilt cutter that will make this process so much easier. Yey, fun!


  1. I'm looking forward to your color wheel. Have taken a few color classes and I learned there is more than one. Your stash of solids makes me salivate!

  2. Thanks for helping our economy, Nina. Love your colors. Can't wait to see the wheel.