Thursday, 15 November 2012

Oh Scrappy Day in Haugesund

I spent a fun weekend in Haugesund, filled with lovely ladies and scraps in every colour known to man and then some. If you have never attended a scrap quilting workshop, it is highly recommended. You can almost touch the energy that flows through the room as the students dig into their scrap bins. Fabulous!

The hotel room came with not-much-of a view,

but the hotel was new and light and airy and I had dinner Friday night with one of my best friends from college who I hadn’t seen in 15 years or so. I showed you my quilt-filled bag on Friday, but looking at it next to my no less than two suitcases and you get an idea about how un-lightly I travelled.

With the magic of some true MacGyver ideas, I managed to hang them all (the quilts, not the luggage) in the classroom. Some old quilts, some newer quilts and one not finished yet (embarrassing).

It was quite nice to revisit some of them. For instance, I did not remember hand quilting this one

And my Christmas quilt that was hiding and only recsurfaced after a rather tiresome 2 day rescue party of one

And this one with the painted half full glass (that was a fun experiment)

And grandson’s old play mat (clean!!)

Oh, yes, it was a colourful sight indeed.

We went through lots of different non-fuzzy-fiddly/nothing-measured blocks one by one,

and for the last few hours the students happily pieced whichever blocks they fancied.

Even the scrappy scraps looked good

and so did the homemade lunch which tasted even better! You can see more pictures from the class here at Haugtussa Quilteklubb.

Thank you, ladies, for a great day! More pictures from the weekend to follow.


  1. Quilting sure is an international association. I went to the spot you linked to see some more of the blocks! Lovely! Even in Norwegian I could guess at some of the words, and looking at the quilts, I didn't need to be able to read the language. So fun! and it looks like everyone was having a fabulous time. I did, too. Thanks for sharing your pictures and time!

  2. Those sure are pretty quilts of yours all of them. I love that log cabin block at the end.....xox

  3. Det var virkelig en kjekk helg! Synd med hotellutsikten, den var ikke noe å rope hurra for, men heldigvis tilbragte du det meste av dagen sammen med glade quiltedamer og deres fargerike stoffrester. :-)