Sunday, 27 January 2013

A week in review

So this has been quite a week; a little of this, a little of that, and lots and lots of those. About a week ago I wished for a few days of rest, so be careful about what you wish for ‘cause I’ve done nothing much but resting since Tuesday and it was not fun at all. Add together a strep throat, the flu, throwing up, skyhigh fever and actually crying at the doctor’s office and you get the picture. The saddest thing though is that I missed my daughter’s birthday on Tuesday and haven’t seen her since as I cannot afford to make her sick.

No matter how fidgety I get when not making stuff, I’m not quite ready to get back to quilting just yet. You don’t realize how hard quilting is physically until you try doing it under the influence of buggery bugs, do you. Anyways,  even though I have not been able to keep up my brilliant plan of creating every day, here’s the last week or so in review. No sick pictures, I promise.

A few steps forward with the mixed media painting. This is how it looked when the fog dried up
So, loving the textures, what can I do next, oh yes, more tulle.

Yesterday I added lots of new decoupage glue and some torn paper pieces, a little tulle and some words leftover from a quilt

which looked like this when dry.

My last stunt so far is adding a layer of red angel weave fiber this morning, and I’m excited to see how it dries.

I tried to create a hand stitching project too, free form cutting circles from crafting felt. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with them, but I have an idea for the next step.

Husband was 50 a week ago and celebrated with a birthday dinner out with the kids and in-laws. They all behaved very well indeed, and the food was great.

I said they behaved, not that they sat totally still.)

Grandson and I also made him a chocolate cake from my mom’s old recipe which she wrote down for me like 30 years ago. It is well used as you can see.

We did a test of how many Non Stop (like Smarties) we could fit onto one cake, and that was quite a few indeed. No pictures though, the cake disappeared quickly with the assistance of daughter, yours truly and the kids.

I have chosen a tea towel for a challenge over at 15 minutes play.

And I have labeled and shipped off my challenge pieces within the deadline. I made a couple of mistakes on the hand written label so I made a new one in Excel - which I forgot to take pictures off. Oh well, I'll just have do it when it returns. I'll post pictures as soon as the challenge is over.

Today I have been doing the guild’s accounts, paying the bills, and uploading a few pictures. Enough for today. Tomorrow the kids will be back here, and hopefully daughter as well. It will be busy and noisy and messy and I won’t get much done, but my goal is still to be creative every day for the next 4 weeks.

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  1. Leit å høre at du har hatt influensa, den slår viss ut folk hører jeg. Ikke moro å være syk når man heller vil være kreativ. Herlig collage du har laget.

  2. Sorry to hear you have been sick. There is alot of that going around.
    Congrats to your Hubby. You two are alot younger than we are. My hubby turns 70 end of next month! He's alot older than I am.
    So take care and

  3. Sounds like the worst week but look at it this way, you got it all over at once.......hope you are well on the mend and can celebrate with your daughter post sickies.....Love your mixed media layers....xox

  4. Så spennende kollasj du lager! Kjempefin! Det er gøy å mikse og trikse;)

  5. Here's hoping that this week is a better one, health-wise! Congrats to husband on his milestone to celebrate with two little ones. Take care....

  6. Goodness, I am happy for you that THAT week is over! Yuck! Your multi-media layering project looks like great fun. You always do the most interesting thing with 'bits'. I love seeing how it turns out in the end.