Monday, 7 January 2013

Off we go

I finally got up from the couch and out of the house this weekend, spending two days with a group of quilters in a Quilta Figurer class. I find it somewhat difficult explaining this class to people who haven’t seen the samples, but it’s a free motion quilting class with a little twist, using different methods and supplies while going through a series of quilting patterns. It’s a really fun class to teach and the students seem to enjoy it just as much no matter how little or much experience they do have with free motion quilting.

Anyway, husband helped me set up the classroom which had brand new brilliant lighting. We set all the tables in a circle and that worked very well with everyone being able to see each other and still have room to spread out their stuff. The other great thing is that we could keep all the cords and doohdahs contained in the centre, making the classroom a much safer place to walk. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Students at work

My samples

The mandatory show & tell shot

Student work

Now I’m looking forward to see finished projects at the guild meeting next week, there were lots of sample pieces being transformed into gorgeous projects at the end of the class. I am most certainly itching to do a little quilting myself too. Spending so much time with a great group of quilters and their fabrics and threads and soaking in the creative energy does that to you, but first I have a pattern to finish and then it’s grandma weekend and then there are a dozen kits or so to be made and then daughter is having surgery and the young ones will be staying here for a few days but then, then I get to play. Can’t wait.


  1. It must be so wonderful to be able to teach others how to quilt! I hope you will find some time to play with fabrics yourself!

  2. Looks like a super fun class.


  3. Looks like you managed to teach them something....
    Would love to be part of this class, I really need to start and try free hand quilting.....
    regards from a green Skåne.

  4. Oh great work, love them all. xox