Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fargerike class

So yesterday was a fabulously colourful day in my neck of the woods. The morning was wet and grey when we started on our test drive of the colour theory class, Fargerike. For those of you who are not speaking Norwegian, fargerike has two meanings – colourful and colour kingdom, both appropriate for this class. Seriously, wouldn’t you too just want to dive right in here?

We were starting out in a quite orderly manner with each colour numbered and in the right place. There was some serious prepwork on my behalf putting all of these together.

The kits looked great spread out against the black tables and had to be photographed properly.

A few hours and 10 exercises later the students all had a working colour wheel and 60 glorious blocks.

Then I emptied my bag with scraps from cutting circles and the students practised putting colours together according to what they’d learned in class.

We used half an hour or so at end of the day to play with the blocks, trying out different layouts and discussing quilting options.

Even our classroom was appropriately decorated for a colour class. Isn’t this wall just awesome!

Choosing colours is personal, we all have different tastes, but there is always something to learn from working with a colour wheel. Knowing a few different ways to put colour together, and seeing how colours interact and change each other, are valuable tools in any quilter’s belt. It was a very informative day, not only for my students but also for yours truly getting constructive feedback regarding the class. Putting together a curriculum which is both challenging but not too challenging and at just the right amount of time is a challenge itself, so getting to do a test drive of a class that I have been planning in my head for months is invaluable.

A big thank you to my colourful students, may your days and quilts be filled with colour!


  1. Så nydelig med alle de fargene! Det er et skikkelig leketøy for quiltedamer. Ser ut til at du hadde flinke elever. Og klasserommet var jo så fint og inspirerende også:)

  2. Oh these will be gorgeous every one of them. Good teacher you are! Xox

  3. it looks fabulous! I'd love to take a class like this with you. can you come to Winnipeg? it's cold and snowy here, so you'd feel right at home!

  4. I love the part where the students stand on chairs. Sounds like everyone learned something. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  5. Regner med dere hadde en super dag. Dette ser spennende ut :-)