Friday, 15 March 2013

Happy faces

I have spent hours and hours over the past two days deleting and archiving 4.600 emails as my Outlook inbox was full. So much fun. And then the TV started smelling burned which is no good at all, so then I had to delete in silence. Even more fun.

Anyway, I needed a break from administrative tasks, and decided to reignite my love for grandbaby’s family portrait/christening quilt. The christening had to be postponed a couple of times as life just kept on happening, but now there’s a new christening date scheduled and I need to finish that quilt already. You can read about the progress here.
(latest addition to the family of self portraits)

Some of you may recall that I had printed out all the collected self portraits and stitched them onto felt just to discover that they were too big (this post). I resized all the pictures in Excel and there’s where I left it off almost a year ago. I still do lots of work in Excel as I kind of grew up with spreadsheets, work wise.
I have tried a few different brands of printable fabric sheets, and EQ’s have been one of my favorites. However, I have not been too pleased with how it handles fusible, so I’ve tried a different brand today. I’m not too happy with this brand either as pieces of the backing paper got stuck when I tried to remove it.

Anyway, I now have a whole extended family of fusible backed portraits ready for International Quilting Day tomorrow.

I’ll be so relieved when this quilt gets finished! Will you too be quilting tomorrow? Is that a silly question??

Off to drop off the smelly TV; thanks for stopping by!


  1. You have had your share of misfortunes!

    Actually I won’t be quilting tomorrow, as my brother and his family are coming over to celebrate four of our Birthday’s which took place during Winter. We’re also going to have a lovely dinner together.

    Happy sewing, I will join you late, very late in the evening!

  2. I'm really interested to see what you will be doing with the portraits.

  3. I will be poolside without my sewing machine tomorrow, but I have a little EPP pouch coming along to Hawaii, so perhaps I'll be doing some basting of Liberty hexies? Enjoy your day and have fun with your portraits. Can't wait to see this one!

  4. Oh what will you be doing with those faces...Sorry about stinky TV....hope it is fixable. xox