Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sew In #13

My Friday Night Sew In became more of a Weekend Mend In, but who cares, I got some long overdue mending done. I do enjoy mending clothes. Period. Kids’ clothes, daughter’s, mine, husband’s, nieces’, it doesn’t matter. Giving our clothes a longer life, being frugal, being creative, whatever - it’s all a labor of love.

On my list this morning was daughter’s favorite sweater, 2 pair of grandson’s pants and a wool pants, and one of my jeans and wool socks. All done now and it feels good.

I have a hard time leaving my sewing room without doing something quilting related, so I added a little embellishment to the last of my chick quilts which I thought was done, but it wasn’t so now it has a couple of experimental free motion stitched flowery creations.

I was totally sure I would use red orange and bright pink yarn to pick up the colours of the beak and feet,

but it did not look right, so I went with the light purple and green. Much better.

I also did a little no-sew-mending in the morning before kindergarten. Grandson’s snow pants had a big tear on the knee and the back, and I did not want to stitch it as it would make holes in the water resistant fabric. Duct tape to the rescue, I was a duct tape virgin so I was surprised to see that it was still intact after a day of play.

The only complaint is that it doesn’t have a band aid effect. The tear will still be there when I remove the tape. Won’t it?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Self mending fabric, now that would be a great invention, wouldn't it?

  2. Ha ha, duct tape is my method of mending my working down coat for muddy dog walks and the like - feathers in, water out! xox