Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wrong footed

Before starting stitching the binding on the Spring in my step quilt yesterday, I did a little test of the ¼” foot to see if it really was ¼”. I hadn’t been piecing on this machine for a long time, and my pieced blocks turned out on the skimpy side the other day, so I suspected there was some funny business going on.

Right indeed, can you see the tip of the needle? Not exactly on the ¼” line is it!

Instead of taking the trouble of locating the instruction book, I spent quite a lot of time fiddling with the machine to see if I could change the needle position permanently. No such luck even after searching the web, but at least I figured out how to do it temporarily. I really should label the pictures I take of different machine settings and build a library so I can look it up next time.

Anyway, the needle is in the right position - for now,

a ¼” binding is stitched onto the quilt leaving just the right amount of pattern on the edges,

all ready for hand stitching. Like always I have machine basted both the binding and hanging sleeve to the back using a fragile thread so the stitches will come out easily.

I’m becoming quite attached to this quilt. The frequent blogging requiring frequent documentation may have something to do with it, but it just feels like everything just fell into place with this one. Gotta love that.

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  1. Veit det var nokre damer her som hadde same problemet med 1/4" labb på nye store Janome-maskiner for eit par år sidan. Dei kontakta leverandør og fekk nye labbar som passa - og gav rett saumrom.

    Har forresten ikkje meldt meg på noko i B'ham. Syr lite for tida - strikkar desto meir.
    MÅ få rydda det syrommet snart :o)

  2. Now it looks like the perfect seam allowance, thank goodness! I have never heard of basting your binding...very interesting!

  3. It is amazing what a small adjustment will do to the accuracy of the finished project. Too bad it can't be a permanent fix.

  4. I've had rulers that weren't true to size and accurate. It took much frustration thinking my 1/4 inch seam was off and making my blocks too small, only later to realize that it was the ruler that I was cutting with. I pitched the ruler.

    Love the basting idea for the binding.

  5. At målet på inch-labben kanskje ikke stemmer, har jeg aldri tenkt på! Takk for tipset. Det skal jeg jammen sjekke.

  6. Look at those perfect stitches!!!! I want to see this whole quilt too many teasing photos. xox

  7. My default needle setting also is not at the 1/4" mark. My solution was to paint a very thin mark on my presser foot to show me where the edge of my fabric should be, in order to stitch a 1/4" seam allowance. NEVER even thought to just move the needle, (which is very easy to do on my machine.) DUH! Sometimes the obvious simply alludes me!