Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Geography lesson

Happy Labour Day everyone! Today is a national holiday here in Norway and I’ll be spending the day doing my favourite things – play time with my family and play time with my quilting friends. Both labours of love I’d say.

I was flipping through an in flight magazine on my journey back home on Saturday morning, and I thought I could give you a little geography lesson in case you’re not all that familiar with European geography.

This is the world and that tiny little thing circled in red is Norway.

This is Europe, Norway still marked in red.

These are most of the Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Norway is still marked in red, Denmark is the orange on the left side bottom), Sweden the yellow on the right side and Finland the green on the right side). The Scandinavian countries are Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and our histories are tightly woven together.

This is the southern part of Norway. The marked cities are Stavanger, where I live, Oslo, our capital and to where I fly when going back home, and the last circle is Lillehammer from where I come. It’s strange, I have lived here for 30 years and only 9 years at Lillehammer, and I still travel "back home".

That’s all for today, folks. Don’t worry, there won’t be any quizzes.


  1. Hi! You live so close to sea! I wish I had opportunity to visit beautiful Norway! Finnish wishes from Greece! x Teje

  2. I learned something new, that you come from Lillehammer....home of famous skiing.....and you know I know and love Stavanger....I want to taste some of your marvelous epplemost again!!! And of course come and meet day perhaps. xox

  3. Ever since they hosted the Olympics I've wanted to visit Lillehammer. My Nordic skis are Madshus. They are red and blue and are named Lillehammer.

  4. Whew! Glad there won't be a quiz. Interesting that Finland is not considered a Scandanavian country. (Hubby is half Norwegian, and the other half is French and American Native.)

  5. Thank you! I just finished reading a mystery called The Body in the Fjord and although just totally lightweight it was a travelogue of Norway. It sent me straight to the internet to read up on the country! It sounds like a wonderful country!