Wednesday, 29 May 2013

String Fever process

I thought I could share the process that lead to the String Fever quilt top from yesterday’s post.

Unfortunately I don’t have any useable progress pictures as I did not use a design wall, so I have made a few rough sketches for illustrations. They are not to scale in any way.

According to my initial measurements of the long strips of pieced strings, I figured out I would have enough fabric for this layout. The coloured strips are 7 ½” wide (cut 8”), and the light 6” (cut 6 ½”). To make the mid section a square, the length of the strips is 7 ½”*3 - 22 ½” (+ ½” seam allowance).

With the first layout, the strings in the top and bottom borders would go in the other direction than the rest of the quilt, which I did not want, so I changed it to this second layout. As the light strips were about 1 ½” narrower than the coloured, I would need 4 narrower strips in both bottom and top border to fit the measurement of the mid section.

When the mid section and side borders were stitched together

and I started cutting the rest of the strips I discovered that I did not have enough light fabric, it would only take me this far.

So I had to make more fabric and since I had to cut new strings anyway, and substitute all the fabrics I had used up, I cut the strings long enough to make 8” wide strips. I pieced the border strips together

and then the top.

Weird how quick and easy the process looks now compared to the actual time I spent doing this, go figure. I blame all those seam allowances going wild.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lovely. I have an overflowing box of strings that I should play with sometime soon.

  2. Love that bold center with all those summery pastels prints around it. xox

  3. It is ALWAYS the fault of the seam allowance! I really like the look of the 'box of color' surrounded by the lights.