Thursday, 16 May 2013

Touchy feely

So maybe I’m not a touchy feely kind of person, but lately I have been playing with my little collection of hand dyed ribbons. Literally touchy and feely.

This was the last of a few Etsy purchases from the beginning of 2012 when I spent my share of hours browsing Etsy. The ribbons are from Abby&Ellie and are just gorgeous. I filled the non-taxable quota of NOK 200 (approx USD 30 with the current exchange rate) within a few minutes. Excellent service, excellent products, no affiliation.

If you are wondering about the tax thing, here in Norway we may import goods up to NOK 200 without having to pay VAT and fees, so I try to keep my purchases within this limit most of the time. The USD/NOK rate changes from month to month, even from day to day, but usually NOK 200 is somewhere between USD 30 and 40.

I have been saving my precious ribbons for something special for all these months, but now I feel like creating that special something just so I can embellish it with, yes, you guessed it, hand dyed ribbons. The more I need to finish a project, the more drawn I am to start something new. Go figure.

Tomorrow is Norway Day, and I have a few things to get sorted before I pick up the grandboys for their weekly Thursday sleepoveer - like watching the pre-Norway Day kindergarden parade. We get to spend tomorrow morning with them, dressing them up in their bunads and watch the 17. of May parade. Friday mornings rock!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Sweet colourful ribbons! Happy Norway Day!

  2. Lovely ribbons! We are allowed to import to a max of € 22,- (US$ 28,-), which is easlisy spent! With the high shippings costs I don’t buy anything online from the US anymore.

    Happy Norway Day Nina Lise!

  3. Have a wonderful holiday surrounded by your rainbow of ribbons. xox

  4. Such pretty ribbons! Have fun tomorrow with your grands.