Monday, 20 May 2013

Treasure Box update

I thought it was time to do a little update on the Treasure Box which I blogged about in this post back in January 2010 (really, has it been that long?). The box was far from empty when I revisited it a few weeks ago, but quite a few treasures have been used. Click the links to go to the original posts.

Some of these

became this "Nothing to wear" birthday present for my sister

one of these

became this Little Princess quilt for my book, Gledesspredere

some of these

were made into this travel set for my mother

this bag

turned into these Happy Houses which are also in my book
one of these

turned into this small quilt for the Monthly Design Challenge

and these

were used on this "Circle of flowers" quilt which was published in Quiltemagasinet.
Not bad I’d say. Now, what to do with the rest of them, what to do, maybe I should search for more treasures to fill it back up, I need a distraction.

Do you keep a Treasure Box with bits and pieces to be turned into something useful? Whether yes or no – happy treasure hunting!


  1. Great idea and very inspiring results! I have a big UFO basket that could be turned into a treasure box just by changing my way of looking at the contents.

  2. Very inspiring. No treasure box here, but it's a great idea.

  3. What a festive crown!!!! And those bags for your Mom, love the blues combo. xox

  4. My wooden tray has treasures and 'boorings'. Yours are all beautiful and you have made fantastic creatice things!

  5. Very creative and inspiring! I do like to play with my leftovers eventually. You never know what can come of them.:)

  6. I do have blocks here and there, waiting for inspiration. The H2H that I'm working on now is a batch of leftover snowball blocks I just added some more to it, and now have all the blocks done. I love that.
    I have, at times, used leftover blocks from 2 different projects to make something new... it's fun. Maybe you can find some way to do that for your leftover motifs.

  7. I also have a few "things" leftover but have never figured out a way to use them. Maybe small quilts or bags is the answer. Such a clever person you are!