Saturday, 1 June 2013

Vishy voshy vision

I had a vision. I would add perfect little splashes of colour to the Whatever quilt by adding diluted ink drop by drop. I could see them in my mind, spreading out through the layers and the excess getting soaked up by the bottom cotton fabric layer. Sounds perfect, right?

Well. I don't have that vision any more. Thank goodness I made a little test piece first. The ink did not behave gracefully at all, not making much of a mark on the organza layer.

That being said, ink blobs could be fun on a different project, so I'm adding it to the growing list of mix-it-up options.

This is not my first time being wrong-visioned. Most of the time it doesn't even matter, I can work with whatever result I get, but when the project is to be in a show, I'll make a test cloth. This is the test cloth for The Reef of Re quilt. It has all the layers and has been somewhat quilted.
See all the black seams and dots and lines? That's where I have been testing different decorative stitching, markers, stamping and inking. Only the ink dots made it to the quilt, the rest of the ideas were archived. I did not think all the techniques would work, but I had to try them out anyway. When good ideas can go wrong, bad ideas could go right, right?

Some test cloths are worth finishing, but this one is being used for ongoing testing, the last one being yarn couching zig zag settings. 0,5 mm difference really does matter.

After a sunny and rather warm week, Saturday is nothing like that. Oh well, we'll figure out something to do, grandson is well and life is good.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. It's always fun to try ne techniques. You never know when it will be the perfect answer.

  2. Wrong things can turn out right... it's called a happy accident. I haven't got an example right now, but I know it has happened to me.
    Never thought to couch yarn with the sewing machine... That'd make a wonderful texture.
    Oh, thanks for the lovely comments on my snowballs blog. I do appreciate your opinion!

  3. Hi Nina Lise! Only by trying we can see if it works or not (or if we like it or not). Often 'mistake' leads to a great new idea! Weather seems to be strange every where - we had already too hot period and now cooler and cloudy, may even rain which is unusual this time.
    Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  4. Nice to have those test results....that's what art journals are good for you. Trying something to see if you want ot use it elsewhere. xox