Wednesday, 14 August 2013

FoQ Contributions

After lugging a 20kg+ suitcase through the train and tube system of London two years ago, I packed just the bare necessities this year. The camera was left at home so all my pictures are taken with the phone. Our group will be sharing pictures later, but I don’t think I will be comfortable posting their pictures so phone quality pictures it is.

Although a few of my quilts have been travelling abroad, I had never actually seen any of them on display at an international show. It was a bit like when you turn your exam papers, you know that butterfly-ish feeling, particularly as I worked my way through the exhibition, approaching No 573, my whispering quilt in the middle off all that noise.

“Whatever you say I am”

Information submitted:
“Artist’s statement: It’s both amazing and awful what impact other people’s agenda may have on a self image. My mind may appreciate the multi leveled picture that is me, but deep down in my heart I still am what they said I am.

Made from recycled and repurposed fabrics, tulle, yarn and buttons, in my own painting with fiber technique, worked layer upon layer. Machine quilted, machine and hand embellished.”

The quilt has 7 layers of fibre, stitching and embellishments, and is very personal.

It holds some of the things I have been told I am, both good and bad.

(Pictures taken outside before it was shipped off.)

“Round and round and off the edge” (or was it around and around?)

The European Quilt Association's challenge this year was Movement; a monochromatic triangle with 35cm sides and invisible edging. That edging turned out to be a challenge, but in the end my invisible binding with 60 degree angles turned out ok.

Norway had, together with Great Britain and Spain, the colour purple. Each national quilt association was to provide twelve triangles which were to be assembled into two hexagons. The Norwegian ones were put up for vote at the annual meeting and the twelve with most votes were to be exhibited. I don’t know how many entries there were, but my triangle got to go.
(now AKA Noina Lise)
It was very interesting to see all the different interpretations of the theme and colours, and they were quite a spectacular sight for us rainbow lovers.

“The Reef of Re”

was my entry to the Norwegian Quilt Association's 25th anniversary challenge Joys of quilting.

Information submitted:
"One of my greatest joys of quilting is transforming the castoffs of others into pieces of beauty. The quilt is made from recycled and repurposed materials only including my mother's old Christmas table cloth."   

I posted about this quilt back here, and here we both are at the exhibition.

My pictures of the rest of this exhibition were unfortunately a bit on the blurry side, but the 25 totally different 25"*25" quilts in red, white, blue and black were fabulous.

So that was my quilts at FoQ 2013. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I would love to see your Whatever you say I am quilt in real. There}s so much to discover, read and see. I love the way you work with text and layers and repurposed materials. WOW!

    The purple triangles are fun. I know Holland was assigned with the colour orange. Wonder why... ??!!

    The Reef of Re has so much whimsy. Beautiful!

    It must have been thrilling to actually be at the exhibition and to see your quilts!

  2. I love your projects and how you play with fabrics.Those quilts are just stunning and must be great have one at the exhibition.I wish I was there to see them in person.Have a fun day!

  3. I was looking for your quilts in Birmingham and guess what - I found them. It was great fun to see the originals. I really liked them!

  4. Hi Nina Lise! I also would love to see your art quilts in real because they have so many special materials and details that photo can't show well. They are so fantastic!
    I'm sure you had amazing trip! x Teje

  5. Lovely quilts Nina Lise! I love them all.

  6. Your quilts are so touching and fresh. I think when we create from deep in the heart, our work has the most impact. You have accomplished this so beautifully! Again, congratulations! I'm so glad you're getting the international recognition you so deserve.

  7. Beautiful creations! All are truly original and most engaging.

  8. Whatever You Say I Am is simply amazing. You have such an ability to touch emotions with your quilting! I wish I could have seen that one and your other one in person. How wonderful for you to see them hanging and get to see other people enjoy them.

  9. Beautiful always. I think it must be very neat to be able to see your art hanging in an exhibit like Birmingham. Congrats.

  10. People get a glimpse of you and think they know you. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Everyone judges by the cover. Just proves to me that we should not judge others, for the same reason they shouldn't judge us. Love your quilt.
    Actually, I love all your works. Genius, triangles of different artists shown together to form other shapes! Love the installation of colors, too.
    And your Mom's table cloth is amazing.
    Sounds like you had a fun time at the show.

  11. I love all your work, you know that, but that first quilt just blows me away...both it's complexity and it's message. You are a true artist. Hats off to you. xox

  12. Your quilt is truly spectacular. I really wish I could see it in person. The photographs are great - thank you! Take care, Byrd

  13. This is just great - I love this quilt. I wish I could see it in person, but your photos are great too. Thank you and take care, Byrd

  14. I missed seeing so much at the show!!!
    "Whatever You Say I Am" is outstanding and I truly regret that I didn't get to see it and that I didn't get more time to speak with you.

  15. nina, fikk du mailen min der jeg også spurte om størrelsen på teppet I Am What They Say I Am? merete

  16. I took a picture of your quilt "Whatever you say I am" because it spoke to me! Congratulations on your beautiful work.

  17. whatever you say I am is a stunner. I wouldve been drawn right to it. I think the message resounds with so many woman and I love how it looks.

  18. Gratulerer Nina , det var flott å se dine 3 i Birmingham, klart du er stolt, jeg også med bare ett bidrag, ha en fin Q tid utover høsten!

  19. Hei hei - I saw your beautiful quilts at FoQ and met up with some "online" Norwegian friends too.
    I took a picture of your small quilt and have blooged about it here!!

    My blog is Nicola Foreman Quilts

  20. All these quilts are charming Nina