Wednesday, 28 August 2013

FoQ Enjoy! Part 2

More inspiration from FoQ. Enjoy!

(Marble Art's demonstration. Awesome! Yeah, I purchased a kit.)

(Ms Deborah OHare at her booth., picture taken between heads)


  1. Holy Moly! I am totally in love with the quilt in the first picture. And those hexie boxes? Unbelievable.

  2. All those lovely quilts and then me!!
    I missed do much it is good to see your photos.

  3. Amazing! Love the red one, and the Tudor type house. That one seemed quite small for all the work in it.

    Did you find out what holds the little Log Cabins together? Must be a really heavy duty string. Love the idea as a wall hanging.

    Thanks for bringing us along to the show! I love these kinds of trips!

  4. Loved seeing all these details and the lovely Deborah.

  5. So many different styles and colors and ideas! What a fun show. the marbling fabric looks fun.

  6. Marvelous views. Love that quilted skirt. I have seen it before or something like it. Log cabins amazing. xox

  7. Takk for at du deler med oss.
    Ha en riktig god helg.