Wednesday, 21 August 2013

FoQ People people people

I have been holding back on you guys. My 900th post is coming up very soon and I was hoping to finish a little giveaway quilt before then, but then I dug myself deep into the joy that is translating patterns and decided to stay in there for a few days. Anyway, a 900th post and 4 year blogging anniversary (which was a week ago) celebration is coming up, just hang in there.

So, attending a quilt festival is almost as much about people as about quilts, in fact you see more people than quilts, and it’s such a thrill to be right in there with the crowds.

Waiting in line for the opening


Quilt gazing

And the best thing of all is that anyone and everyone is an instant friend to be because they are all quilters. Seriously, you can talk to anyone.

I attended a few afternoon/evening events as well:
An interesting lecture with Maggie Grey

The Designer supper; the supper was bad but the designer, Tula Pink, was awesome. Seriously, I could have listened to her talk about bank interest back in the 60ies for an hour, she is that great.

And a  curved appliquĂ© class at the Husquarna booth with a few of my fellow NQF members. It was a delight sitting down behind a sewing machine after walking through the aisles for 3 consecutive days.

Quilty pictures coming up soon, I promise.


  1. Sorry I didn't bump into you but I did love your quilt :-)

  2. Quilt festivals are the best! I love to see what others have accomplished and the new trends for the year to come. You are so right about the people too....everyone is always friendly and ready to share stories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. oh this makes me miss Quilt Expo in Washington state. I havent gotten to go in six years. This just looks like heaven to me!

  4. Yummy, that bag is amazing. Heard of Tula Pink and her work, it is quite something. xox