Friday, 2 August 2013

Magic moments

Hi there!

So the one week or so of unplugged life turned into three weeks, but you know how it is, life happens. Although there hasn’t been any artsy things going on around here, there has been quite a few magic moments.

Week one was spent with our young ones at my favourite place in the world, Skottevik Feriesenter. Five people, two cars, lots of luggage, and about 1/3 on the way there my car broke down. It was hot and quite a long wait outside a gas station. Thank goodness young ones can be easily occupied with ice cream and digging in the sand.

The car eventually got transported to a nearby garage, the five of us and two car seats crammed into husband’s car, luggage stuffed into a rented trailer and on we went. Skottevik was everything I remembered from when we used to spend our summers there 8 years ago, but this time we stayed in an apartment instead of a caravan. I love how they are built in a street style typical for the region.

It was quite windy most of the week, but we had some perfect days. This is my spot, on a bench on the pier. I absolutely love the old greyed wood.

Our days were filled with playing, canoeing, catching crabs and starfishes, sun, sea and cuddles, although grandson could basically have lived at the soccer field, playing soccer with grandpa and boys of all ages from everywhere.


The trip back home was problem free as I got a rental car, and the trailer was dropped off back at the gas station.

The first half of our second week was spent out on the terrace. It was quiet and peaceful just enjoying looking up in the sky. The rest of the week was spent at the cabin, not doing much except for soccer matches at the terrace and enjoying lazy days.

This week has been full of chores and errands and trying out (read playing with) the new car which I got on Monday. I’ll be leaving again next week for The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, so I need to get my ducks in order before that, but first I get to spend a couple of days with the boys.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh little one is getting so big. Lovely old building, that's what I love about your part of the world, such old construction has so much meaning and is cared for. xox

  2. Glad you've been having fun!!
    What day are you at the FOQ? I'm hoping to go!

  3. Hi Nina Lise! Looks like you have a wonderful summer! So nice to hear from you again! Have fun in Birmingham! x Teje

  4. So good to hear from you!! Looks like you had a wonderful time - after the car incident. Looks like the boys got lots of sunshine - and I'm quite shocked to see how tall they both are now. Like weeds they grow. Thanks for sharing your pictures. You brought out a big old smile here.

  5. Magical times and what a wonderful photo of your joyous grandson. I'll be sure to say hi if I spot you at Festival next week.

  6. Those boys are beautiful! I'm glad you didn't let a broken car ruin all that fun!

  7. Looks like you all had an amazing time together even with the car breakdown. The smiles on those boys faces is the best. The problem with vacations is that they come to an end and then you have to do all the clean up and resting up and get back to normal again.

  8. It does sound like magic and lots of peacefulness, try to hold on to it for a while :)

  9. Lisa you probably don't remember me but I was overwhelmed when I saw your quilt on Thursday at FOQ. You were walking away from it, with a look that says it all. Many congratulations.