Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Giveaway Week: Gas Money Pattern

On this fabulous Tuesday and second day of Giveaway Week here at Mrs Moen, the pattern that is up for grabs is the Gas Money Pattern.

This fun little quilt is a gift and a card at the same time. While the quilt is a great little gift all by itself, you can also put a card or some gas money into the built-in pocket as an additional gift, something that would be highly appreciated by any young driver on a budget.

Bensinpenger Mønster
Gas Money Pattern

Remember, the links will be open for 1 day only. Although the patterns may be downloaded for free today, copyright still applies and links and patterns may not be shared.



  1. So cute...like the old fashioned pumps we still have lurking around here...xox

  2. Very sweet--would make a great gift for sure.:)

  3. Takk for artig mønster :). Må nok prøve meg på den.

  4. Cute little gifty. Thanks Nina.

  5. Denne var kjempekul - takk for mønsteret :-)