Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Acoustic Tuesday

I am taking the day off my computer and sewing machine, trying to wind down with some hand stitching. I am still trying out stuff on my test cloth and the supply of the day is silvery grey thread.

The craft store had run out of silver mouline floss, so I bought a light grey floss and silver machine embroidery thread. The one I have from Superior threads is way to slippery to stitch by hand. It is not the stitches themselves I worry about, but the starts and stops.

Fully armed with my Poppyprint needle case, my favourite silicone thimble, scissors and different threads I am ready to tune out my inner buzz with a few episodes of Big Bang Theory.



  1. Penny, Penny, Penny! Enjoy!
    What's "Bazinga" in Norwegian - Hubby would like to know.

  2. A day of hand stitching is a great way to wind down!

  3. Can't go wrong with the Big Bang Gang. xox