Thursday, 24 October 2013

Make a Pumpkin Pillow

Make a fun Pumpkin Pillow for Halloween!

What you’ll need
Fabrics for background, pumpkin, the inside of the pumpkin and teeth
Chalk marker
Semi sheer paper
Fusible web
Fabric for the back of the pillow
A pillow form.

And what you’ll do
Start with a background fabric cut to size (the size you want your pillow to be with an extra inch or so added). Draw directly onto the fabric with a chalk marker to decide the size and shape of your pumpkin.

Position the pumpkin fabric on top, and recreate the shape with a removable marker. You might need a few goes at it; it doesn’t matter, the lines will brush right off.

Cut the pumpkin out and position it in the corner of your background. Draw a few curved lines to get that 3D effect.

I drew mine with pencil and used fabric paint markers to add a little dept. You don’t really need those as you’ll quilt those lines anyway.

Place the semi sheer paper (I have used the paper we use for packing lunches) on top, and draw a big gin with houses and tree trunk teeth at the bottom and jagged teeth at the top.

Draw eyes and nose as well. Turn both the pumpkin and paper over to the wrong side, and pin the paper in place.

Hold it up against a light source and trace the grin, eyes and nose onto the fabric. Cut them out.

With the wrong side of the paper up, trace the teeth onto paper side of fusible in one continuous line for the top and one for the bottom. Make sure you draw in an overlap where the teeth will go under the face. Fuse to the wrong side of your teeth fabric, and cut them out. I have let a little of the black fabric showing between the teeth just to get that contrast.

Trace the grin and nose onto the fabric for the inside of the pumpkin the same was as you did before. Cut the grin out approx ¼”-3/8” outside the line. For the 3D effect on the eyes and nose, cut the nose out approx 3/8” on both side of the left and bottom line, and cut two strips to go on the left side of the eyes.

Pin and fuse the pieces into place and layer with batting (backing fabric optional). Stitch a zigzag line along all the edges on the pumpkin. Stitch a straight black line right inside the zigzag stitches.

Free motion quilt the inside of the mouth, teeth and trees incl. branches.

Also stitch along the marked curves on the pumpkin up and down a few times.

Quilt the rest of the top as you wish.

Trim to size and measure the width and the height. Cut a piece of fabric for the back side as wide as the front. From this, cut two pieces approx half the height of the front + a 7”-8” overlap. Make a double fold along the long sides on both pieces; press and stitch them down.

Layer the front and top piece right sides together. Pin along the 3 outer edges. Layer the second piece and pin.

Stitch around the whole pillow using a ¼” seam allowance. Add zigzag stitches around the edges if it will be washed. Turn the pillowcase, press the seams, and slip in the pillow form.

Happy Halloween!

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