Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Totally Square Pillow, a free pattern

My fingers are sore from excessive hand stitching, so I am taking a break with my computer tonight. As some of you may have noticed, I have been a busy bee adding new patterns to my pattern blogs this fall. Slowly, very slowly, I am working my way through my seemingly never ending backlog, doing all my illustrations and calculations in Excel. Now, I have shared my perpetual love for Excel several times here on my blog, but this weekend I made a giant step into 2013 and ordered EQ7 design software to use for pattern writing.

I got EQ5 from husband for a birthday several years ago (before you oooh and aaah; I ordered it myself,), but did not care for it at all. It might have something to do with the fact that I never took the time to really get to know it, but it did not sit right with me. I understand that EQ7 is much more user friendly, and now I cannot wait for mine to arrive.

So, tonight I have done what may be my last quilt pattern illustrations in Excel, and to mark the end of this era, I have posted a free pattern to my mother in law’s favourite pillow - The Totally Square Pillow.

This is a super easy, scrap friendly pillow which would look just as good in any colour way. This particular pillow is being used all year around despite of the Christmassy blue fabric. You’ve gotta love that.

You can download the pattern here.



  1. That is such a comfy looking pillow that "Totally Square" just doesn't do it justice. I love the colors, and the fabrics, too.
    If I design anything myself I still use graph paper!!!! That's how old fashioned I am. Let us know how the high tech stuff works. (I know some others that use EQ7... I say, "Thanks for the patterns".

  2. Cute. I have no idea about such programs but I am sure you will figure it out....good luck. xox

  3. I’ve purchased Quilt Pro to use on my Mac, but I somehow like it better to just use pencil and paper for quilt designs, which is very funny for someone who is using graphic design software all the time.
    I hope EQ7 brings you what you hope for and thanks for a sweet free pattern!

  4. Нарядно! Оригинально.

  5. I am embarrassed to admit that I've had EQ7 on my desk for almost 2 years and never even opened it. I'm too intimidated! Let me know how it goes. I know if I just set aside a month and practiced with it regularly I would be ok...it's the discipline required that is lacking.