Monday, 11 November 2013

The YumYum Brothers

Happy Monday everyone! I had the most brilliant weekend – no disruptions, no cooking, just fabric and fiber and fun for me and my sewing machine. No matter how much I adore my family, a few days alone every now and then is like a vitamin injection to my mojo.

I played my way through new samples for the Funky Fowl class, for the Kvist class, for the Playing with yarn class, I put a little snowy idea into life, I mended pants, I added rows and rows of stitches to my knitting projects, and I know I should be totally pleased with the amount of work I did, and yet I thought I would finish even more. Silly me.

One of the things that had to wait until this morning was making pencil cases for the grandboys. I had seen them in different variations and thought the idea was so much fun. Armed with yards of waxy table cloths in different colours and my new best friend, the Teflon foot,
these two came to life.
Aren’t they fun!

I’m thinking I could make up a few for upcoming birthday parties. Perhaps I should ask grandson to design a few; that would be even more fun!

Wishing you a great week!


  1. The YumYum brothers are hilarious! A private weekend sewing can be just the vitamine you needed!!

  2. The YumYum brothers are gorgeous! I love them and I'm sure, the grandsons will love them too :-)

  3. I'd say "Yum Yum" was right on! I'll bet the grandboys love them. They could be puppets, eating your hand and speaking in a muffled (mouth filled) way. (Thanks for the smile)

  4. I too love the few weekends that I can dedicate solely to quilting--so very rare! Very cute yum, yum brothers!

  5. They do look fun:-)
    Your weekend sounds ideal!

  6. Dropped by from Sew Many Ways - these are such fun, great idea to use the zip as a mouth. I use laminate fabric a lot and place tissue paper between the fabric and the sewing machine - maybe it's time to invest in a Teflon foot?! :D