Monday, 13 January 2014

Googly eyes and flying feathers

I have been making eyes today; big, raw googly eyes for some feathered friends of mine.

Time was always an issue with this project as the deadline is now in January and I knew there would not be much time available before the holidays. The plan was to get right back to work when my parents left on December 27th, but then my FIL got ill and I got sick and time ran away from me. I was going back and forth and back again about whether to try to finish it or not to bother and finally decided to leave it on the back burner. Luckily a girl is allowed to change her mind, so I re-made up my mind this weekend. I am going for it, big time.

You can find earlier sneak peeks of the progress here and here.

I am making five separate panels which will be mounted on a backing of this fabulous material.

I do remember purchasing it, but have no idea for what it is supposed to be used. It looks like brushed cotton, but it’s not; it smells like polyester. If you don’t know how polyester smells, try to put a hot iron on it. Trust me, you’ll know.

I am enjoying the process very much; so far I haven’t run into any big trouble and am making progress by the minute. I have always enjoyed the figuring out part of the process, but it takes time.

It is so nice to spend time with my sewing machine again. I am also enjoying this brilliant Christmas present

– a headset which makes it possible to listen to the handsome and very well spoken sergeant Hathaway on the British crime show Lewis, even with the machine running at full speed.

Thank you Santa!


  1. wonderful google eyes. Can't wait to see the birds. Love lewis, the old Morse, all that....xox

  2. Lots of eyes there! Atta Girl, taking back to the challenge. Can't wait to see (yes, a pun meant here) what all those eyes are for.