Thursday, 2 January 2014

Three part hanging sleeve

Today I am finally getting around to stitching the sleeve to the back of a challenge piece. I have posted several times about this quilt earlier.
Looks like a big, hot mess, doesn't it.

The instructions says to make a three part sleeve which I have never heard about before, so I made three separate sleeve pieces and hope they will do.

Lately, I have folded my quilt while stitching the sleeve so there will be a little give to the sleeve to make room for the rod, but it is easy to go a little overboard and make it too loose.

I might need to restitch some of these, and it also needs to be stretched into shape after being washed and tumbled earlier in the process. The binding is already stitched on, which makes the stretching part a bit trickier. How do you shape up your finished quilts, I would love to hear?

Thanks for stopping by on this very windy Thursday. I'll be picking up the grandboys soon, and am very much looking forward to a little light and laughter to balance out all the hospital visits. 


  1. I didn't even notice the wind on the way here. Guess it's more about the destination, to me. LOL
    Love your quilting! Sorry I can't help with the sleeve. I've only once made a sleeve, on the grandson "I Spy" that is on my banner, and I didn't blog about it. I'm pretty sure I got it a little tight, but grandboy won't care. Good luck with yours.

  2. i don't know about all these technical details. but i sure love all that hot mess stitching...xox