Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Funky Fowl at Sandnes Husflidslag

Last week was unusually busy with a two-day Funky Fowl class and an extra Friday and Saturday with the boys. While I keep planning to do things after they leave, I rarely do. No matter how fun grandma days are, grandma does indeed get tired.

The Funky fowl class on Tuesday and Wednesday was informative for both my students and I. It was the first time I taught the class over two days, and I was pleased to see that the schedule worked out. Most of the time I teach at quilt guilds and quilt retreats, and this was my second time teaching at a Husflidslag, which is a group belonging to the Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Association.
(Their logo is a traditional pattern known as an eight petal rose here in Norway. Looks familiar?)

These are skilled ladies used to working with numerous types of materials, and some of them were quite new to quilting.

It was a small class with plenty of time for one-on-one sessions, and an unusual amount of sewing machine troubles on the second day. I always claim not to be an expert on sewing machines, but on this particular day my fingers worked magic, solving problems all over the place. I may be forever remembered as the “Remove all the thread, change the needle and rethread the machine”-lady, but that’s ok, it’s good advice and works in 90% of the cases.)

The camera was left unused on my desk for most of the time, but here are some snapshots from the class.

(We audition a lot during class; fabrics, threads, placement, balance, quilting, everything)

(A free motion practise cloth is always a good idea)

(My one and only non-free motioned class sample, the "New Queen in town". I display all my funky gals on the walls, but some of them have to join us during class.)

Oh, the colours, the lovely, lovely colours.

Thank you, ladies, for your enthusiasm and persistence, and for inviting me over!


  1. How fun to see this. And so good it worked out with the schedule!!! Those birds are so lovely - and your class must have had a great teacher to have made those!!!

  2. What fun - the funky fowl are fabulous!

  3. Wow just love these funky guys and gals, Super cute.

  4. Love those funky birds.....looks like everyone had a great time. xox

  5. I always get a smile out of your funky fowl.:)

  6. Looks like a fun and happy class! Thanks for sharing the pictures... gives me a smile.

  7. Such a fun variety of Funky Fowls!