Monday, 10 February 2014


So, this past week has been a weird one. One of my loved ones is in an ICU on the other side of the world. A broken back turned out to not be broken after all, and the situation is improving ever so slowly. Big relief. Even though there hasn’t been much I could do but offering telephonic support, it has taken up surprisingly much of my energy. What can I say; I prefer doing, not waiting. Thank goodness for the grandboys who have kept me blissfully busy and happy over the weekend, and a few hours of watching the Olympics on the telly.

I get a bit teary eyed when they win - whoever they are. All that hard work and sacrifice through years being channeled into the blink of an eye (picture borrowed here). People are crocheting that red & blue hat all over the country right now.

Yes indeed, winning must be awesome, although I am quite happy quilting is not an Olympic sport. You could have been fooled by looking at all the patchwork on display though; the logo could just as well promote a quilt show. Maybe this would be a great opportunity to learn more about Russian patchwork (picture borrowed here).

Anyways, I haven’t done much quilting wise, but at least one project is slowly moving along – mostly due to an evening with my fab quilting group and a few restless hours by the phone.

Besides my goal of becoming a confident zipperista this year (where do we send suggestions for brilliant new words; Encyclopedia Britannica?), I also want to stretch my colour comfort zone and use more yellow in my work (hence the header). What would that make me; a better colourista?

No time like the present, right, so here are my chosen neutrals for a new scrap quilt.

I purchased an extended rainbow of solids when putting together the fabrics for my Colour theory class Fargerike, and ended up with quite a few that did not make the cut. Literally. They had all been dutifully washed and put away, and it felt great finally putting some of them to use.

I’d better move on with my preparations for the Funky Fowl class tomorrow and Wednesday. I feel quite confident that all the bright colours and funky birds will cheer me up to no end.)

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  1. Would love a pattern for the hat! Have you seen a pattern somewhere or are crocheters just winging it?


  2. best wishes for a speedy recovery! I agree that those banner in Sochi are great!

  3. Best wishes for your loved one!
    Arne’t those banners the best?
    The American snowboard team also has a kind of patchwork clothes.

  4. Sorry to hear about your loved one's ICU stay, but glad the broken back isn't broken. I hope they are out of hospital and back home very soon! I know so many quilters have some issues with yellow, but I love it. Especially with red! Oh be still my heart..............

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your loved one and I hope they are soon released from hospital and recovering. I like the idea of being a zipperista ;-)

  6. Best wishes to your loved one. I'm sure it's hard to be so far away. Thank goodness for sewing when there's nothing else you can do.

  7. Hope your loved one recovers soon and gets home. Yes, the outfits are quite marvelous I thought.....zipperista, love it. xox