Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Each year the European Quilt Association issues a challenge to all the members of the European quilt guilds. Each country will provide a number of quilts (16 this year) to the “pool” which will be distributed into suitcase collections, 1 quilt from each country in each suitcase (or cardboard box, really) and travel through Europe for 3 years. Unfortunately we will not see them here in Norway dues to high custom fees.

The theme for 2014 is seasonal gardens and our season is winter. The Norwegian contributions were on display on Norsk Quiltetreff this weekend, and visitors would vote for their favourite. The 16 quilts with most votes will be on show at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August, and travel on from there. I am happy to report that all my friends’ quilts and mine were picked.

I have posted little glimpses of “Winterberries” in progress earlier. It is a layer upon layer piece made in painting with fiber technique.

I have been having a thing for quilts that you have to look closer at to see the full picture lately, and this is no exception.

It does require proper lighting though, so a lot of the details will get lost otherwise.

I thought I would show you what difference the little hand quilting made.

Next time you feel something is a little bland – try adding some chunky red stitches and say goodbye to bland!

You can see some of my earlier EQA challenge pieces here, here (not picked) and here.

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  1. Du lager så utrolig mykje fint..... Klem Laila

  2. Flott og spennende bilde du har laget med div stach :-)

  3. Nice, I love it when the winterberries bloom, they are the dose of color we need for this season, which is never ending here. xox

  4. congratulations on having Winterberries picked to go to Birmingham! I totally love your work and I agree that some chunky red stitching is a good thing. :)

  5. Congrats on your lovely quilt being chosen. Too bad you don't get to enjoy all the others in your country! Love the before and after with the red stitching--wonderful!

  6. MM, you are an amazing artist. Congratulations on being recognized. Europe is lucky to be inspired... and for that matter so are we.

  7. Congratulations!! Love the hand stitches, and I could not agree more!

  8. Gratulerer! Jeg likte denne veldig godt;)

  9. I had already been attracted to the hand stitching--but wow! when you showed it without. A really dramatic addition.