Thursday, 21 August 2014

Breaking the Blog Barrier

When it comes to barriers, the only one I have had any real interest in visiting, is the Thames Barrier. If I’m not mistaken, it was a British crime TV show with John Hannah that first peaked my interest (in the barrier, not John Hannah as such, although he’s rather dishy with that accent and all, and him reading that poem in "Four weddings and a funeral" is totally unforgettable). The barrier is still on my list of places to see.
(Thames Barrier, picture borrowed from here)

The Blog Barrier, on the other side, had done nothing to stir my curiosity whatsoever. It has neither amazingly cool design nor John Hannah nor my favourite city close by. During my 5 years of blogging I have of course faced little Blog Bumps when getting back to blogging after holidays etc, but the Blog Barrier has been unchartered territory to me. Until now.

I have been blaming it on feeling a bit worn out and down after the moving process, the holidays, the heat, the happy weeks with the grandboys, making umpteen decisions about the house, catching up on patterns, on class samples, on the sun, the moon and the stars. All valid reasons, I’d say, but today I broke the barrier and wrote two posts about my two new classes on our guild blog. It felt soo good so see the words and pictures and fabulous colour right there up on the screen. Yeey, happy dance!

The guild, Rogaland Quiltelag, is celebrating their 25th anniversary in October, and we are hosting an anniversary weekend with  4 different classes and a dinner and lots of fun and good food. The classes are open to everyone, so if you’d like to spend a fun weekend with us at a very nice and cozy hotel in Sandnes, you should check out the guild blog where 3 of the 4 classes have been posted today, or leave me a comment, and I’ll send you the information.

Going through my pictures, I have quite a backlog of summer joys and projects to share, like my guild’s anniversary challenge in progress.

The challenge format is 50*50cm, so I’ll be stitching two and two of these small quilts together for the exhibition. I was demonstrating different ways of doing so at the guild meeting yesterday, and will take pictures of my sample for an upcoming tutorial.

But first and most importantly, it’s Thursday and grandma day, my chores are done, so off I go to pick up the boys.

If you too have experiences with the Blog Barrier, I am rather curious to hear the whys and whats and hows and your solution to crawling over/getting around it!

See you soon and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Koselig å se deg tilbake i bloggverdenen. Har selv hatt lang blogg pause i sommer og tror det er riktig når kropp og omstendigheter gjør at det blir slik. Det som er så deilig er når man kommer i gang igjen :-) Lykke til med prosjekter. Klem

  2. Godt å se deg tilbake - og utfordringen ser veldig spennende ut!!! Puh, blogg pause skjer jo. Jeg har sluttet å stresse med det - lar det være og dukker bare opp uten hverken forklaring eller noe. Svært få, om noen, legger merke til at man er borte litt. Ser jo veldig mange som unnskylder seg osv - men vi har jo ingen forpliktelser til å poste til visse tider. Min blogg, mitt tempo og jeg har ingen å svare for. Det er frihet - og når det blir plikt eller "jeg må" da stopper jeg heller. Gjør som du vil - og blås i må, skal, burde osv!!

  3. Recently when I hadn't blogged in a couple of weeks, Shay (from Quilting in my Pyjamas) emailed me to ask why. That's when my blog barrier broke.
    We have missed you, MM. We are excited to see the pictures of your new house; hear how it all got done; see what you have made in the between time; see pictures of the boys; views out your new windows; and anything else you wish to share. So happy to see your name on my Reader List.

  4. personally I wouldn't fret over it one bit sometimes you have information to share and sometimes you have none

    1. Sorry - incomplete post, there. As a blogger, I know that while I have lots of thought, not all of them are shareable. No need to put extra pressure on yourself.

  5. Welcome back, wondered where you slipped off too. Glad to hear from you. xox

  6. I know too well all about blog barriers. Glad you have broken through yours. Welcome back!