Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"His wedding, and hers"

Flipping through the folders on my computer in which pictures from different devices have been uploaded since moving became The Main Verb around here, I decided to give up on getting the pictures and stories and whatnots in chronologic order and just go for it.

“His wedding and hers” (January 2014) was made for the annual Norwegian Quilt Association competition. The theme was Lady and the tramp (contrasts between feminine/masculine, smooth/rough etc), and was to be interpreted any way we wanted to.

(Sorry, my only head on picture was taken indoors)

When reading the theme, I immediately thought about weddings and how the bride’s and groom’s perspectives often seem very different. While the groom may show rather reluctantly up in any old suit, the bride often has planned her wedding since early childhood. Disclaimer: this is based more on life portrayed in TV, movies and books than real life experiences, but still, I find it rather baffling.

Anyway, I envisioned a rooster popping in at a chicken run, just looking for a bit of fun, and getting caught in the wedding frenzy of the yearning bride-to-be,
her mother,

future maid of honor.
Can you tell how he feels by the look in his eyes?


The panels are made of recycled painted tablecloths, curtains, a bridal shawl, hessian, and felted wool. They have been free motion quilted, couched onto a brushed polyester backing, and then embellished by hand and machine.
There are quite a few happy go lucky new techniques in here which, all in all, worked out pretty well. You never know until you try, do you.

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I had so much fun making this quilt, and it drew quite a few smiles and comments hanging at the NQF exhibition back in March.

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  1. That is surely one of the best quilts I have seen. I love how you create out of the box and put your work into daily context. All those details are really fun to read about!! And yes, those wedding dreams are very pink and light presented in film and books. I hope girls are dreaming about education and to be themselves...

  2. You caught all the excitement - and the boredom with the eyes. Brilliant!

  3. This is wonderful! You caught so much expression in their semi-abstracted faces!

  4. Looks like he got more than he bargained for that rooster...such a cute imterpretation of the theme. Great mix of materials. How is your creative space workong out? xox