Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A day in the studio

I got the gift of some extra time with our young man on Saturday. He enjoys spending time in the studio with me, and was quite happy to bring the iPad and some snacks up there so I could work on some quilting. Today is the monthly guild meeting, and I wanted to finish up quilting some class samples which were long overdue.

So far he hasn’t been too interested in what I have been doing besides cluttering the house and mending his pants, but then again, I haven’t been quilting a lot when he has been staying with us. We did embroider his name on a fabric strip a while ago though, and now he wanted to try the sewing machine again. No wonder; there is speed and noise and a pedal and a reverse button, what’s not to love, right.

We agreed on making a gym bag, and he chose a fabric with soccer balls on it. I did the cutting, but he handled the iron like a pro,

controlled the pedal and buttons,

cut all the threads and threaded the rickrack ribbon using the Purple Thang.

We were both very happy with the end result, but I think he was quite surprised to see how much work that went into it.

Back at home, we spent some more happy hours playing with the PlusPlus pieces. With the little one, there is rarely a big chunk of quite time, so I had almost forgotten what a peaceful activity it can be, and of course all those lovely colours.

The Purple Thang is, by the way, a very useful tool.

My friend Krista of Poppyprint was so happy with hers, that I convinced all my friends to buy one at The Festival of Quilts last year. My thang, however, was left behind at the hotel after I had been emptying all my shopping bags on the sofa when I was packing my suitcase to go home. Thank goodness for good friends; two of them did, at separate travels to the US, bring me a new Purple Thang. Great friends indeed!

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  1. I see your young man is into soccer and batman. The PlusPlus pieces - do they iron together? Looks like a line by line quilt he designed.
    Good times!

  2. Så herlig! Tidlig krøkes som god krok skal bli;) Jeg er sikker på at han er superstolt over å ha laget sin egen pose!

  3. Well he is just so darn cute. I always fall for the guys in glasses. It somehow makes him even cuter, is that possible. What a trooper he is to get right in there and sew. This is a man who will be able to take care of things when he grows up. Adorable bag. Purple Thang, will have to get me one of those. Usually I use a huge safety pin to maneuver. xox

  4. What a fun day! It never hurts for the little guys to join in the process does it?:)

  5. Always lots of uses for a new bag! Fun working with children in the sewing room. My grandchildren have helped me make pillow cases and Christmas stockings. I think the bag would be a good idea to hold their cars, and small dolls, etc.