Monday, 1 September 2014

Mrs Moen studio, the grand tour

I thought it would be fun to show you the Mrs Moen studio space, so welcome in! (Just to keep it real: these pictures were taken before the third time the movers and I put stuff in here. There are more boxes and bags to be unpacked or recycled, I am just not ready to make all those decisions. Again.)

Anyhow, here we go

The 4 new worktables in the middle of the room which works as one huge table or 4 separate tables for classes. I have strapped the legs together to prevent them from moving apart when I’m working. Works like a charm. My “proper” worktable is behind the couch, but I prefer working at this one. It’s right underneath the skylights and is a lovely place to gather my quilting friends for an evening of hum & chat.

Fancy red guest chairs around the big table. I use them myself all the time; it’s great to have several workspaces without having to move anything including the chair. The chairs are from IKEA and also come in orange. When you see my couch, you’ll understand why I got the red ones instead.

Mixed media shelf which needs to be reorganized

Dresser with big drawers which also serves as an entertainment unit/refreshment area. The kettle has now been unpacked and used

An assortment of gifts and memorabilia which disguises some pipes on the wall and gives my eyes a place to rest

My cutting table which is the exterior of a dresser who lost its drawers during a fabric storage overload many years ago. Poor thing

husband helped me attach feet to raise it

and scraps and waste go into the box and bag underneath. I want a better way to do it, but for now it works just fine. Even with a cutting table, I still do most of my cutting sitting at the table. Go figure

The turquoise IKEA trolley was sold out, so I bought the grey one. Working at several different tables, this thing is genius

4m*2m of 4cm thick cotton batting ordered many years ago under the impression that it was quilt batting. I never knew what to do with it, and never had the guts to get rid of it, so it sits here in a corner

The fabulous Wall

My painting with fiber stash is stored on the top shelf in these bags; mainly because it is the only thing light enough for me to handle at this height. All the handles are facing forward for easier access.

The fabrics are sorted by colour, and each bag marked with a string of yarn to show what’s inside

Boxes, boxes, boxes. WIPs, scraps, treasures. All my treasure hunting this summer hasn’t even made a dent

Thrifted fabrics are stored in these IKEA bags. They weigh a ton and fit just beneath the bottom shelves

Old Rubbermaid drawers holding everything from thread that does not fit into my thread cases, to office supplies and quilting tools

My fabulous fabulous orange couch and orange-red foot stool. One bright and bold orange item is enough for this space, even for my taste

It is facing the temporary design wall so I can sit here (or at the worktable behind from which this pictures is taken) and look at whatever that is up there. I had to edit out the WIP on the wall, but it’s basically two lengths of flannel pinned to the wall. It needs to be properly stretched and repinned

The TV is visible from everywhere, but mostly I watch Netflix on the iPad while I’m working

Ah, looking at that light and airy space in the pictures makes me want to get rid of all the boxes and bags in the corners. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, how wonderful! Lots of space, light and spots for all your treasures. I want to come and sew with you!

  2. What a fab way to store your fabrics, in bins sideways. Gotta set one of these up in the storage area for all kinds of stuff. Great idea. Nice open space. xox

  3. Love the solutions to storage problems you have shown. You need some ambiance it there... some quilts hanging, maybe a picture gallery. Love the orange sofa and red chairs!

  4. I haven't visited for so long. This space is amazing!!! I love that you have enough space to have classes and friends over. I wnt to come and play!!

  5. Very fun to see another quilters space. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely your new room. It looks like a bigger version than my quilting room. Even the colors (orange). Would like to sew with you at once.
    Ulla from Düsseldorf, Germany

  7. Amazing and creative work space for you and your friends. Looks like lots and lots of fun times will be witnessed there.