Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"Fall Unfinished"

In the beginning of this year, I received an email from a coordinator of the British Quilt Guild. They were raising money for the guild and asking artists from all over the world for unfinished quilts to sell at the Festival of Quilts. The quilts were to be in each artist’s personal and easily recognizable style, approx A4 size and unfinished. I was flattered to be asked (yes indeed, flattering will get you anywhere), and happy to help those who put down so much work at The Festival of Quilts, which I love.

This is my contribution, “Fall Unfinished”. Getting proper pictures on a bright sunny day before shipping it off wasn’t easy, but there you go.

Details; layer upon layer of fabric, stitched by machine, hand embellished.

While I started on my project early, I had to set it aside while packing up the house and moving, but I made sure to keep track of it during the whole mess. The last few finishing touches were done just in time, and it was shipped off and presold before the festival, like the rest of the quilts. You can read more about the fund raising and see more of the contributions here.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some process pictures:

My starting point – two recycled curtains

Using some of the threads I purchased at last year’s festival seemed appropriate

Looking at the starter fabric and the quilt in progress side by side, it has been quite a transformation, wouldn’t you say?

Wrapped up in plastic and ready to go.

Thank you to the British Quilt Guild for inviting me to contribute, it was great fun and I wish I would have been there to see your booth with all the quilts on display at the festival!


  1. Nydelig!! Et kjempekjekt prosjekt vil jeg tro. Disse lag på lag arbeidene dine blir jo så fine!

  2. Veldig fint. Sånn stor forandring.

  3. Absolutely stunning with your thread work! Love the colors of this rich looking quilt.:)

  4. I continue to really enjoy what you do. I have made a few attempts at emulating your technique but really wish I could get myself over to Norway to take a class with you. I think the "hands on" would be the key in getting things to flow the way I'd like them to. In the meantime I'll just keeping looking closely at your photos and try to play along.