Sunday, 30 November 2014

Green & Glittery class at Rogaland Quiltelag

Another week has passed, and we are one week closer to finishing the house. Just a few more crazy weeks to go where everything hopefully will come together. Maybe the house will even have the proper coloured cladding; we’ll see.

The grandboys have been spending the weekend with us, giving us a much needed break from everything. We spent a few hours Christmas gift shopping on Saturday which was brilliant. After one ice cream break and lunch at McD, we could cross quite a few gifts off the list. And, during a few hours here and there, I have finished a calendar for the grandboys and have only a few touches left on the only two gifts I’m making. As far as holiday preparations goes, I’m way ahead I’d say, particularly as this is all I’m planning to do this year.

And speaking of Christmas, here are a few shots from the Green & Glittery class back in October.

(did you notice the name tags?)

Simple shapes being transformed into trees.

No Christmas threes without lights

The mandatory shot of the works in progress at the end of the day (one of the students had to leave early). There is a lot of work going into each of these fabulous projects.

I have seen a couple of the finished projects, and they were awesome! Well done, ladies, and thank you for taking my class!

Thanks for stopping by. If you don’t hear from me in a while, you'll find me looking at samples...


  1. What a fun class. All of the projects for the green and glittery class are wonderful.


  2. Very fun Christmas trees! Love how they 'pop' when the lights are added.:)

  3. Her var det mange flott trær. Så flott mønster og artig og se så mange forskjellige :-) Ha en fin adventstid.