Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lighten up

I conducted a little experiment today. Inspired by a Facebook discussion, I wanted to show how the value of a fabric can be changed even after it has been quilted. My suggestions were quilting with a lighter thread or using markers or paint to make simple patterns.

My first step was quilting a medium value yellow solid fabric with matching thread, and dividing it into 9 sections of which the one in the middle would be left for comparison. I used a Hera marker to mark lines to keep them invisible.

Then I picked 8 things to add to the sections; I chose not to add anything bright white:
1 A light yellow variegated thread
2 A bright yellow thread
3 A light grey thread
4 A black thread
5 A thin black marker and a grey Promarker pen
6 A thick black marker
7 A orange Promarker pen
8 A white Uni Posca pen

I quilted a simple meandering pattern with all the different threads and made simple patterns with the markers. 

It was quite interesting to see how much impact these simple tools had on the yellow fabric.

1 The light yellow variegated thread

2 The bright yellow thread

3 The light grey thread

4 The black thread

5 The thin black marker and grey Promarker pen

6 The thick black marker

7 The orange Promarker pen

8 The white Uni Posca pen - a rather subtle yet noticeable effect

The most interesting, however was to look at it from a distance. 

It looks rather different depending on the background.

Photographing colours is never easy!

Even from a distance you can see the different sections.

There you go; you can indeed change the value of a fabric - even after quilting.

Thanks for stopping by:)


  1. Så utrolig hvor forskjellig uttrykket blir med ulike farger og effekter. Man skulle nok oftere tatt seg tid til å lage prøvelapper når man jobber med større prosjekter.

  2. What a neat and creative idea, so glad you shared.

  3. Fascinating! I knew quilting changed the look of a quilt, but this comparison is wonderful!