Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New feet

I was the lucky winner of a gift certificate from the Norwegian Quilting association, and chose to spend it on Sir John and his older sisters. Even though there were quite a few feet accompanying him, I was missing some feet which I had grown accustomed to over the years. My old feet do not fit the bigger machine which has a 9mm stitch width. They don't fit the fabulous red pumps I wore when I was in my early twenties, but that is another story.

For Sir John I chose a cording foot, a wide groove beading foot (great for fluffy yarn) and a Teflon foot,

a free motion couching foot (I have wanted this for a while, but it is not available for my other machines) and a ¼” AccuFeed foot to go with the walking foot.

For the sisters I chose a clear view quilting foot, a border guide foot (for stitching parallel decorative stitching lines) and a button foot. I have never attached buttons by machine, but the foot may come in handy.

I have issues with the regular ¼” foot on one of my machines, it is impossible to position the needle in the right place without hitting the foot, so a friend lent me her clear view foot. The opening in this foot is bigger so that I can get a more accurate ¼” seam and also comes with a guide for stitching in the ditch.

I still have to change the needle position every time, but with a picture on my phone reminding me which setting to chose, I don’t have to figure it out over and over and over again.

I do this every time I use a special stitch and have to stop – take a picture of the project, and then a picture of the setting. I am going to add all my stitch pictures to a new album on my phone so that I don't have to look through all the pictures in search of the right project.

The feet I use the most are the ¼” foot for piecing, and the walking foot and darning foot for quilting; how about you, which are your favourites?


  1. My favorite feet are also the clear 1/4" foot and the special zipper foot. Zhis is much better than the normal one, which came with my MC6600. You can adjust the thin and flat foot in every position you want to and so, every zipper fits perfectly.
    Greetings, Rike

  2. Those are the same feet I use, too. Of course, I don't sew anything else but quilts. We need to branch out.