Monday, 16 May 2016

Treasure Day

I recently posted about my effort of taking control of my ever growing collection of works in progress. I’m still enjoying it even though the pile on my desk seems to grow rather than shrink. Oh well, it will show soon enough I guess.

This plastic box holds all the little starts and leftovers I managed to cram into it.

In addition to the Purple book, I keep records on my iPad where I have separate albums for WIPs and Tops ready for quilting. I also have an album with all the quilting drafts made in YouDoodle which I posted about here. Looking at the WIPs, touching them, and writing about them here are all important ways to bring the projects back into the conscious-quilting-brain. Whether scientists have or have not located this particular part of the brain is moot, we all know we have one.

Some of these projects are really old, and some of them are quite young; for some there is a plan, for others the future is more uncertain:
A 2 ½” roll of gorgeous orange fabrics gifted from my friend Marit from Quit It after a workshop last year. I have a plan for these!

Tri and Recs shapes also from Marit. I’m not sure what I will add to them, but it’s going to be fun playing with them!

Fabrics intended for pillowcases for the grandboys purchased in Birmingham in August.

Vinyl intended for pouches for my sister.

The Design a block project from this post for which I once had a plan. Maybe I’ll stick to it.

Leftover 2 ½”*4 ½” rectangles from these pillows. I’m thinking a table runner.

Pink window improv blocks which I recently started. No particular plan for these, but then again – it’s improv.

Shapes to be ironed to scraps and cut out. Once intended for a quilt for our oldest grandson’s kindergarten. As he’s now in third grade, it may be for the youngest kindergarten instead...

Two Christmas place mats that did not happen this past Christmas, but there's another one coming around this year, and next year too.

A hundred houses from back here; I’m thinking a Christmas quilt. I love those houses!

The Spike blocks from back here. I have wanted to play with them forever, but so far – nothing.

The cut-out circle from this quilt. The plan was to make it into a pillow and I think I’ll stick to that plan.

Cut-out circles from this quilt and it's companion which will either be made into two pillows or a table runner.

Leftover heart blocks from this quilt. I used some of them for a Christmas tree mat for my daughter this past Christmas, and I’m thinking to add alternating plain squares and make the rest into a lap quilt – if there are enough heart blocks.

A string project gone bad. I have some unpicking to do before I make them into a quilt. I actually have a plan.

A house block received from Beth from LoveLaughQuilt way back here. I collected a few inherited 80-ties fabrics to add to it, and it’s still sitting here. I think I need to add something brighter to make it sing.

Various squares and rectangles leftover from whatnots back in the day. Quite a few are from recycled table cloths, and I an eager to work with them. I need to have a look through the thrifted goodies for more cloths to make them into a table topper.

Small scraps saved for a table runner, or a small wall quilt, or maybe Christmas cards?

Taupe 2 ½”*4 ½” rectangles leftover from the Mrs Moen Mystery back here. Hmmm, a table runner or a pillow maybe?

That was the content of one box; no wonder that there’s no visible dent in the pile on the desk..

Tomorrow is Norway Day and we’ll be watching the parade. I forgot to bring my flag to the studio today to iron it; I cannot seem to locate the one I have at home and now I’ll have to bring a wrinkly flag. Oh well, as long as my quilting fabrics are properly pressed, right...

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  1. Quilt fabric is all I iron or press anymore. I did iron white shirts ad nauseaum, but no more! I'm so happy to see that a great quilter has a bunch of starts, too. I've got 5 or 6 started that need attention... well now that I think about it there are probably more like 9 or 10.
    Thanks for sharing yours.