Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Bad quilting day

Those days don’t come around often, fortunately, but today I couldn’t seem to make my head and hands work together at all. Just look at this mess!

With this design in mind, I cut a star from contact paper and quilted roughly around it several times along the middle sky section of the table runner. It didn’t look too bad, so I moved on to the echoing lines when I really should have left it alone. 

Big stitches, little stitches, stitches jumping all over the place. Awful. Oh well, now I have some hand work to do before I try again. The stars could stay I guess, but I think it will be easier with a clean slate.

While free motion quilting was clearly not in the stars, I went looking for something easy to work on, and searched through all my little treasures. In a box, buried under some old Christmas fabrics, I found a bunch of old Christmas blocks. 

I remember using some of them for two table toppers years and years ago. 

One of the fabrics was particularly horrible, just look at this rather stiff green one. The roughly appliquéd bright red heart did not add anything to it either, at least nothing good.

Now I have unstitched 8 of the blocks, discarding the appliquéd squares and replacing them with something better. Half of the blocks have been stitched back together, and the rest is laid out for tomorrow.

I don’t know when, if ever, these blocks will be finished, but tomorrow will be a great quilting day!

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