My name is Nina Lise Moen and I live in Norway. I made my first quilt in 1998 when my daughter was seriously ill and it has been my main creative outlet ever since. I quilt for many reasons, mostly for fun, but also as a way of expressing myself. I love making a variety of quilts in different formats and using different kinds of materials. My work has been in various exhibitions, competitions and publications both nationally and internationally.

I have also been so lucky to win a publishing contract, and my first book Gledesspredere was published in March 2012. I design patterns for sale and for the Scandinavian quilting magazines Quiltemagasinet, Norsk Quilteblad and myQuilt. I also teach a variety of quilting classes both live and online. 

For questions about my classes and patterns, please visit my Norwegian website mrsmoen.com.

You can contact me at ninalise(at)mrsmoen.com.


  1. Lovely creations! I love your baby quilts! Greetings from Sweden

  2. Your blog is VERY inspiring! Keep it up! Hello from Broomfield, CO!

  3. My copy of the book was delivered yesterday...can't wait for the long weekend coming up to play. Your idea of working with friends is brilliant! Thanks for all your sharing on-line.


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